Additional Terms of Service Agreement


1.1 Below are the terms that relate to all Users of AaroGyan, mobile & online services. The Mobile Application is just a convenience tool to assist storing user’s supplied vital individual medical & health records, reports, essential documents and wellness data. You must apprise yourself with these terms as they describe your privileges & rights as a User. We recognize that the confidentiality and safety of your personal records are essential. We do not upload any of your personal records and all data is local to your device. As you explore our Mobile Application & utilize our services, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

These Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement (Agreement) between you and AaroGyan puts forth the broad terms & conditions governing your use of the AaroGyan APP & the services available on the APP. BY OPENING OR UTILIZING THE SERVICES, YOU CONSENT TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT, YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR UTILIZE THE AAROGYAN APP.

1.2 As specified in this Contract, the terms “AaroGyan”, “AG”, “we,” “us,” or “our” denote AaroGyan. As specified in this Agreement, the term “User” is as defined herein.

1.3 The AaroGyan Mobile Application (“AaroGyan”) is a convenience tool supplied by AaroGyan to store health & wellnessdata for a separate individual entered by the individual.

1.4 Definitions

(a) “User” means a private individual who carries out or accepts this Agreement with AaroGyan to manage & control health & wellness data in an individual’s mobile device that may be retrieved at the AaroGyan Mobile Application. A User may retrieve, utilize, store & preserve his or her own data in the User’sDevice.

1.5 The AaroGyan APP is solely for private & noncommercial entry and utilization. As a condition of continued utilization of the APP, Users concede to utilize the APP only in agreement with the terms & conditions put forth in this Agreement, as revised from time to time without prior announcement.


2.1 AaroGyan hereby gives to the Users the right to enter, view, and utilize the APP, in accordance with the terms & conditions of this Agreement. AaroGyan reserves the right to append fresh features to the APP & eliminate existing arrangements from the APP without prior intimation. The Subscriber and/or a User may copy and/or print a copy of the information stored in APP on their individual device for private use only and when suitable in a manner in accordance with (Copyright) laws.


2.3 The material on the AaroGyan APP and in User’s Accounts, comprising but not restricted to, text, graphics, images, information acquired from third parties, links & other material (“Content”) is solely for the purpose of information and education.

2.4 The Content on the AaroGyan APP should not be substituted for medical or health advice. Nothing on the APP is aimed at medical diagnosis or treatment or as a suggestion of a course of treatment for a specific Subscriber or User. The Content does not aim to be an auxiliary for qualified medical guidance, analysis, or treatment.

2.5 Users must never ignore qualified medical guidance or treatment or postpone seeking qualified medical diagnosis or treatment because of data on the AaroGyan APP. The material on the AaroGyan APP should not be utilized in lieu of anappointment, call, consultation, or guidance to, with, or from a qualified healthcare professional, inclusive of a personal physician.

2.6 Material acquired from the AaroGyan APP is not in-depth, should not be considered comprehensive and does not include all diseases, ailments, physical or mental conditions, or their treatment. The assistance of the User’s physician and/or any other qualified healthcare supplier should be acquired directly from that particular medical doctor or medicare provider as applicable. ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANY MEDICAL AILMENT, SYNDROME OR TREATMENT FOR ANY CONDITION SHOULD BE EXPRESSED TO YOUR PHYSICIAN OR A QUALIFIED HEALTHCARE SUPPLIER.


3.1 Right to utilization of the AaroGyan APP and Website is obtainable currently free-of-cost & AG reserves the right to change the rights of Subscription.

Subscribers may Sign-up/ Register on the AaroGyan Portal in agreement with Paragraph 3.1(a) (Subscription Period) hereinafter.

(a) AaroGyan reserves the right to charge or change Subscription Fees, surcharges, and/or other fees at any time without prior notice.

3.2 Each User may enter or upload, retain & store data, inclusive of facsimiles of documents, records, images & information available to the User by healthcare providers or other healthcare entities to be stored in User’s mobile device.

3.3 The Subscriber hereby grants AG, its employees, officers, directors, agents, and contractors, and all other persons or entities involved in the operation of AG or of the APP the right to monitor, the usage statistics in the user’s Account to enhance the APP.


4.1 Subscribers and Users agree:

(a) to retain the security of User IDs, Passwords, and other confidential data pertaining to the Subscriber’s AaroGyanAccount;

(b) not to present onto the APP or to users of the APP, explicitly or indirectly, computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that establishes or could potentially noticeable contaminating or destructive properties;

(c) as to specific Subscribers and their related Users, to be responsible for all charges resulting from the access and use of the Subscriber’s Account, including any illegal access and utilisation, if any;

(d) to report to AaroGyan as soon as reasonably practicable of any actual or alleged illegal usage of the Subscriber’s Account;

(f) to conform with instructions provided by AaroGyan for utilising, maintaining, or modifying the Subscriber’s Account; and

(g) to acquiesce with AaroGyan’s Privacy Policy.

4.2 Every Subscriber and User is accountable for the communications presented to or entered into the Subscriber’s Account and their corresponding access and utilization of the AaroGyan APP. A User, may not, under any circumstances, do any of the following:

(a) Disseminate any material that is defamatory or derogatory;

(b) Disseminate any communication, material, image or program that is offensive, lewd or pornographic;

(c) Disseminate any communication, documents, image or program that would encroach upon the property rights of others, including illegal copyrighted materials, trade secrets or other private patented information and trademarks or service marks used in an trespassing manner;

(d) Utilize the AaroGyan APP to threaten, stalk, abuse, harass, or otherwise impinge on the legal rights, including rights of privacy and publicity, of others;

(e) Utilize the AaroGyan APP to promote or offer, on an unsolicited basis, to vend goods or services to other Users or utilize the APP for intent of dispensing unsolicited messages to one or more persons;

(f) Store files that comprise software or other data protected by intellectual property laws, privacy or publicity laws or any other applicable law unless personally owned, controlled or unless the necessary permission(s) to utilize, gain access, and/or communicate such files has been received;

(g) Utilize the AaroGyan APP in such a style as to adversely affect the availability of its resources to others;

(h) Incorrectly or falsely imply to be an employee or agent of AaroGyan;

(i) Fail to conform with applicable laws and regulations while utilizing or gaining access to the AaroGyan APP; or

(j) Post or communicate any message or material that is damaging, threatening, abusive or hateful. AaroGyan reserves the right to take any action, as it judges suitable in cases where the AaroGyan APP is utilized to distribute statements that are intensely and widely aggressive and/or harmful.

4.3 Each time a User stores or shares information, data, a medical document or a file to the AaroGyan APP, the User, represents that he or she owns or otherwise controls the rights to the information, data, document, or file & that he or she has the necessary permissions to share it.

4.4 You signify and certify that you are at least 18 years of age & that you possess the legal right to enter into this Agreement & to utilize the AaroGyan APP in accordance with this Agreement.

4.5 You further comprehend and agree to conform to the responsibilities and culpabilities as set forth in this Agreement. You comprehend & agree that not complying with any of the foregoing limitations or obligations may result in civil or criminal charges.


5.1 The Effective Date of this Agreement is the date on which the User starts using the AaroGyan APP.

5.2 A User may access & utilize the AaroGyan APP:

5.3 Either party may end the User’s right to use the APP and/or his or her Account and participation under this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by uninstalling the APP.


6.1 AaroGyan has whole and singular decision over the management of the AaroGyan APP. AaroGyan may: withdraw, suspend or discontinue any functionality or feature of the AaroGyan APP without prior notice, among other things.

6.2 AaroGyan shall sustain technological systems, policies & measures to safeguard against illegal access to material conveyed electronically, inclusive of encryption and/or suitable technical security mechanisms.

6.3 AaroGyan shall not utilize, divulge, or process the usage data entered for a User’s Account except to the scope required for the correct administration and management of the information or to carry out the legal duties of AaroGyan.

6.4 The addition of any backlink on the AaroGyan APP does not assume an consent by AaroGyan of any content, products, or services supplied by the linked Mobile Application, but is for AaroGyan Subscribers’ and Users’ reference and expediency only.

6.5 AaroGyan cannot and will not appraise communications and data posted or uploaded to the AaroGyan APP for correctness or comprehensiveness, and AaroGyan is not accountable for the content of such communications and materials.

6.6 AaroGyan reserves the right to delete or block communications or materials that AaroGyan concludes, in its sole decision, to be (a) offensive, defamatory, defamatory or vulgar, (b) duplicitous, false or misleading, (c) infringe a copyright or trademark or other intellectual property right of another, (d) enclose or have attached a program, virus, worm, or other device or code that could pose a technological security risk to AaroGyanor the AaroGyan APP.

AaroGyan Privacy Policy

AaroGyan APP supplies Users with the capability to accumulate, manage and access their health data, records and wellness data locally on the User’s mobile device.

Other Information

AaroGyan gathers non-personally identifiable information from APP visitors to track the total of number of visitors to the APP in cumulative form and categorize the type of Internet web browser and operating system used by the visitor. This information allows us to unremittingly enhance our Mobile Application.

Collection of Personal Information From Children and Use By Children

The Mobile Application is not intended for use by individuals under the age of 13. The Mobile Application is a storage facility and only holds data about children to the amount you, the user, supplies that data. It is your duty to safeguard your passwords and account information to avert such use. Shielding passwords and other account information is particularly significant if information about children under the age of 13 is stored on the Mobile Application.

Notification of Changes

If we decide to alter our privacy policy, we will notify these modifications on this page so that you are always aware of what information we gather, how we utilize it and under what circumstances we divulge it. Irrespective of future updates, we will under no circumstances utilize the data you enter under this current policy in a new way without first providing you a chance to opt-out or otherwise avert that use.