Are you suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome ? Are your eyes strained looking at phone, tablet or computer screens for longer periods?

Blinqeye brings to you  an unique game which promotes blinking of your eyes. Blinking promotes better lubrication and nourishment to your eyes.

We use simple machine learning techniques to monitor your eye expressions to detect complete eye blinks and perform actions inside this shooting game.

Blinque also offers simple follow along eye exercises to help reduce strain and fatigue on your eyes. 

The free app allows users practise eye exercises and  play the Blinqeye game for 90 Seconds at a time. 

Make Blinqeye a daily health habit!


If you are wearing glasses while playing the game please ensure there is no light reflection on your glasses.

Slightly adjust the phone distance if you see some missing blinks.

App is currently available on iOS. Android soon to follow.

Write to us for your feedback on blinqeye