Health Knowledge Product


A simple and easy way to store and maintain your health records locally on your feature phone.

Baby Milestones Product


A simple and easy way to capture and store memories of your precious baby. Keep track of milestones, growth data as well as vaccination records.


SunUps is your personal trainer for full body exercise. It is based on the Indian Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) practice which covers most of the Yoga positions for a full body workout. Each SunUp set comprises of 12 steps. You can set the number of repetitions you wish to complete and the intensity of the exercise from “Easy” to “Intense”. SunUps calculates the calories burned and the time you took to complete the sets. The app uses the proximity sensor of the iPhone device to detect the step in the set so as to automatically keep count of the sets completed.
You can view your progress and streaks in the calendar and invite your friends to accept your challenge to do SunUps. SunUps can also remind you to do the exercises until it becomes your habit.