Records All your health records, prescriptions in one place.


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Check your work life balance and set goals.

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Your allergies, chronic conditions, family history, surgeries, vision, etc.

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Your daily schedule such as medications & planned activities .

Your health data at your fingertips


Managing health and wellness involves multifarious tasks such as managing health records, vital parameters, pathology tests, doctor instructions, prescriptions, medicines, lifestyle and behavioural modifications.

AaroGyan acts as your personal health assistant and helps you manage all your health data in one place. Just take a picture of any of your health record and AaroGyan stores it on your phone in a category of your choice. All your records stay on your feature phone and can be archived or shared with anyone of your choice.

You can schedule medications and any activity related to your health and wellness and AaroGyan will remind you and show your planned activities on a daily basis.

Empowering users to take charge of their own health data and manage their health and wellness is AaroGyan's aim. We hope AaroGyan proves useful to you... Team AaroGyan


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